Advent (Week 1) – The Hope of a Promised Savior

Advent means the arrival of a noble person. Other than my parents, no one was talking about the advent of Shawn Powers. So, when I arrived in the world, my mom was just grateful to survive the arrival of another set of sons. (Yes, there are two sets of twins in my family.) But the birth of Christ is different. We observe advent because the arrival of Jesus changed the world.

The Parameters of Confessionalism (Part 2 of 4)

A Confession of Faith is not a systematic theology book. A systematic theology book has its place, but it is not a functional expression of faith for a local church. A person could study systematic theology for a lifetime and die realizing they have only scratched the surface. And there is the other end of the spectrum. A Confession of Faith cannot be summed up in a few statements on a church website.

The Nature of Confessionalism (Part 1 of 4)

It has become fashionable for many non-mainline Protestant churches to be vague about theology and doctrine. And the traditional mainline protestant churches have jettisoned their historic creeds and confessions. If not on paper, then with function. The reasons for the ambiguity are numerous. However, what is trendy is not historical. For most of church history, denominations and churches had robust creeds and confessions. These creeds and confessions provided clarity, which helped guard against heresy and doctrinal confusion.

Gospel-Centered Churches in Des Moines

God is at work in other churches. God, the Holy Spirit, is meeting the church’s needs down the street and across town. And it takes looking up and past the present circumstances to see the greater gospel mission. There are several great churches in the Des Moines metro, but I want to take a moment to highlight a few that are meaningful to me.

A New Class System is Emerging

People are divided into classes by economics, race, ethnic background, country, and religion. At present, in America, a new class is emerging. A new division is being created. The division is between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Pray for Afghanistan

I am old enough to remember 9/11. I remember my exact location as massive planes hijack by Al Qaeda flew innocent people into the New York City trade towers and the Pentagon. The result of 9/11 was a war with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Since 9/11/2001, there has been an American presence in Afghanistan. But now, the troops are coming home.

The Grace of God

The word grace is commonly used by Christians and in the church. Many church names include the word grace. My youngest daughter’s middle name is Grace. In the New Testament, the favorite salutation of the apostle Paul is grace and peace. One of the most memorized passages in the Bible is about grace (Ephesians 2:8). The term grace is a big deal. It’s a theological term that has massive practical implications.

The Value and Utility of Confessions

But what is the point of a church committing to a confession of faith if she does not use it? In other words, one of the reasons a church commits to a confession of faith is because of its utility. Here are several ways a local church can use a confession of faith to build up the body of Christ.