<strong>Now The Real Work Begins</strong>

The fight against abortion is spiritual warfare. And because the battle for life is spiritual warfare, the tools with which Christians fight are spiritual and physical.

A Wolf In The Sheep Pen?

What are we to do when a wolf gets into the sheep pen? Fortunately, Jesus was clear about the danger of false prophets and teachers.

Christmas Sunday and a Hot Take

I want to offer a thesis that is bound to rankle some feathers. Christians should prioritize church this advent, especially on Christmas Sunday.

Christian Rituals

The word ritual is not commonly used in Evangelical circles. The word sounds archaic, and thoughts of lighting candles and incense come to mind. But perhaps evangelical churches should not be too quick to abandon the importance of rituals.

How To Glorify God At Work

A Christian does not cease to be a Christian when they leave church Sunday morning. They are not a Christian only when they read the Bible and pray. They are a Christian when they are at the grocery store, at a mall, or watching a football game. But, most of all, they are Christian when they go to work.

The New Fundamentalists

Let’s make no mistake; biblical principles of orthodox Christianity are being challenged right now. The most recent example is from the Southern Baptist Convention. At the convention meeting in June of 2022, we saw a theological drift disguised in church politics.

Country Club Christianity

The church must make every effort to avoid the exclusive nature of a country club. Therefore, the church must reject “country club Christianity.”

3 Objections to the Ressurection

n April 17th, churches from across the world celebrated the most important event in history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is the foundation of the Christian faith, and if it were false, then the whole of Christianity would crumble.

Humility, Love, and Deliverance

Maundy Thursday is about the humility of Christ exemplified by the washing of the disciple’s feet. Maundy Thursday should cause us to love our friends and our enemies. After washing feet, Jesus celebrated the Passover meal, knowing that ultimate deliverance would come through his sacrificial death. 

Anthropology 401

In Covenant Theology, God’s conditional covenant with Adam is called the covenant of works. But notice who has not been created yet. Eve. Is this a design flaw on the part of God, or is God’s design coming to fruition with reason and purpose? Indeed, there is no design flaw, but God works his plan to perfection.