An Optimistic Eschatology

What does it mean to be optimistic in your eschatology? I take on the question but ignore several others (for now).

Are Images of God Biblical?

How should we interpret the 2nd Commandment? In this podcast, we discuss whether having images of God is biblical.

Ordo Salutis: The Golden Chain of Salvation

The Puritan, William Perkins, of the 16th century, wrote his treatise, the Golden Chain. He explained the profound theology of Holy Scripture. In this episode, we discuss. If you want to listen to the sermon series on the topic, you can visit,

<strong>Now The Real Work Begins</strong>

The fight against abortion is spiritual warfare. And because the battle for life is spiritual warfare, the tools with which Christians fight are spiritual and physical.

Who is John Knox?

The Scottish Presbyterian, John Knox, influenced the 16th century Reformation more than people realize. Take a listen to learn about his influence and why John Knox still matters in the 21st century.

A Wolf In The Sheep Pen?

What are we to do when a wolf gets into the sheep pen? Fortunately, Jesus was clear about the danger of false prophets and teachers.